Kantara Movie Releases In Italy

When asked which was the best film of last year, the Indian film industry unanimously answered Kantara.‘Kantara’ was a box office hit in 2002.The film brought Sandalwood to the forefront of Indian cinema in the pan-India cinema market. Kantara is a film written and directed by Rishabh Shetty.Originally released in Kannada, Kantara was released in other languages.The film became a super hit in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages ​​as well. The director Rishabh Shetty himself appeared as the hero in the film. Saptami Gowda was the heroine.

Now preparations have started to release the film in Italian and Spanish languages.‘Hombale Films’ shared this good news through Twitter.The release date will be announced soon.“We are delighted to announce this.Thanks to the demand of international audiences. ‘Kantara’ is releasing in Italian and Spanish,” Homeballe Films tweeted in Italian.