Kangana Ranaut Makes History As First Woman To Lead Ravana Dahanam In Love Kush Ramlila

On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, Kangana Ranaut achieved a historic milestone as she became the first woman to perform Ravana Dahanam at the renowned Love Kush Ramlila event held at the iconic Red Fort. This groundbreaking moment marks the first time in the event’s illustrious 50-year history that a woman has taken on the role of igniting the Ravana effigy.Kangana Ranaut herself shared this significant news through her official social media account. Accompanying a video of the event, Kangana captioned it, highlighting the historic nature of her participation: “For the first time in the 50-year history of the Love Kush Ramlila, which unfolds annually at the Red Fort, a woman is going to set fire to the effigy of Ravana. Jai Shriram.”

Kangana Ranaut

Arjun Singh, the President of the Delhi Love Kush Ramlila Committee, responded to this decision, expressing that it was made in support of the Women’s Reservation Bill. He emphasized the need for the Love Kush Ramlila Committee to ensure gender equality within the event, stating that the Women’s Reservation Bill is essential for the advancement of the nation and society. Women, he stressed, have the power to combat malevolent forces and the right to do so. This is why Kangana has been chosen to perform the Ravana Dahanam this year. Notably, in the previous year, actor Prabhas had taken on this role.