Kangana Ranaut has shared many yoga stories

kangana ranaut doing yoga

The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has shared many yoga stories of her family on social media. Ahead of International Yoga Day, Kangana shared some family photos and after parents, she shared yoga stories of brother Akshat, sister-in-law Ritu. After this, now Kangana has shared the yoga story of sister Rangoli Chandel with the fans.

Rangoli’s Yoga Story Most Inspirational
Kangana Ranaut wrote on Instagram, ‘Rangoli’s yoga story is the most inspiring, a mad lover threw acid on Rangoli when she was barely 21 years old … Third degree burn About half of his face was burnt, one eye was lost, one ear had melted and the breast was severely damaged. Rangoli had about 53 surgeries in two-three years, but that too was not enough.


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Kangana further wrote, ‘I was most worried about her mental health, because she had stopped speaking… yes whatever happens, she did not speak a word, just kept looking at things. Rangoli was engaged with an Air Force officer, but when she saw Rangoli’s face after the acid attack, she never returned to him. But even then Rangoli didn’t even have a tear in her eye and didn’t say a word.’

Kangana further writes in her post, ‘I was told by the doctors that Rangoli is in shock, after which she was given therapy, the help of a psychiatrist was taken, but nothing worked, no help was found. At that time I was barely 19 years old, I used to do yoga with my teacher Surya Narayan and I had no idea that it would also help patients with burns and psychological trauma to get retina transplant recovery and lost vision. Can do.’

I wanted him to talk to me any way I want, at
the end of his caption, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘I wanted him to talk to me however I wanted, so I started taking him everywhere with me, even for yoga classes. Also, he started doing yoga with me and I saw an amazing transformation in him. Not only did she start reacting to her pain and my bad jokes, but her eyesight also started coming back. Yoga is the answer to every question, have you tried it till now?’