Kamal Haasan’s Shocking Revelation: Why the Film Industry Ignored His OTT Revolution Prediction

Kamal Haasan, the legendary actor and filmmaker, was recently honored with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema at IIFA 2023. Known for his exceptional talent and global recognition, Haasan has played a significant role in elevating the stature of Indian cinema. Despite facing initial disagreement from the industry, Haasan now asserts that he foresaw the revolution of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms long before anyone else.

During the IIFA 2023 ceremony, Kamal Haasan received a standing ovation as renowned musician AR Rahman presented him with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema. Haasan’s contribution to the industry has been immense, with his films being sent as entries for Oscar nominations on seven different occasions. His remarkable talent as an actor, writer, and director has made him an iconic figure in Indian cinema.

Haasan’s recent media conference garnered attention as he spoke about his foresight regarding the OTT revolution. Despite facing resistance from others in the industry, Haasan confidently expressed that he recognized the potential of OTT platforms long before it became popular. He claimed that he advocated for embracing this new medium, but his ideas were initially disregarded. Now, with the Indian audience experiencing international cinema through OTT platforms, Haasan’s vision is finally being understood and acknowledged.

When asked about staying relevant in the industry, Haasan emphasized his love for films and being a film buff himself. He stated that he makes movies that he would enjoy watching personally. Sometimes, he is deeply involved in the production process, while in other cases, he merely serves as a producer, investing his resources into the project. Haasan continues to produce films, ensuring diverse and engaging content reaches the audience.

The Kerala Story Controversy

Haasan also expressed his opinion on the controversy surrounding the film “The Kerala Story.” He labeled it as propaganda, asserting that a film cannot claim to be a “true story” solely by adding a tagline. According to Haasan, authenticity is crucial for a film to be considered genuinely true. His comments on the controversy reflect his stance against films that serve as propaganda tools. PTI reported his statement, prompting a response from the film’s director, Sudipto Sen.

Sen countered Haasan’s claims, stating that those labeling the film as propaganda had not even watched it. He accused them of engaging in propaganda themselves by making such judgments without proper knowledge of the film’s content.