Kamal Haasan Praises Rahul Gandhi’s Leadership After Karnataka Election Victory

Kamal Haasan congratulated Rahul Gandhi on his victory in the Karnataka elections. Kamal Haasan said, Heartfelt congratulations for the momentous win. Put faith in the people of Karnataka to reject division. They responded with unity by putting their faith in Rahul. Kamal Haasan said congratulations not only for the win but also for the manner of the win. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the stage to congratulate the Congress for its resounding victory in the Karnataka elections. The Prime Minister’s message is on Twitter. Modi said best wishes for fulfilling people’s desires. Thanks to those who supported me.Appreciating the hard work of BJP workers. Modi also tweeted that he will serve Karnataka with more vigor in the coming times.

Congress is planning to rule Karnataka alone. The Congress won the Karnataka assembly election, which the country was looking forward to, by defeating the BJP. The BJP has been crushed everywhere except in the coastal region and Bengaluru in Kannada soil, where it has camped and worked, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite playing the Hindutva card, the party could not win. The party was hit by the 40 percent commission charge and the anti-incumbency wave. The Congress, which entered into a life-and-death battle, won the victory in Karnataka, defying all predictions.