Kamal Haasan fan Thirumoorthi dedicates a music video to the star

The song Pathala Pathala from the Vikram movie, sung by online star Nochipatti Thirumoorthi, has become very popular. Later, the singer who is blind had the chance to speak with Ulaganayagan. The internet was flooded with a video of their encounter. According to the video, Thirumoorthi tried to snap a photo with Kamal Haasan at an awards event but it didn’t work out.

Later, Thirumoorthi performed Pathala Pathala while playing with a plastic bucket. Thirumoorthi then informed Kamal Haasan that he wanted to join AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory so that he could study music professionally. The artist has since posted a music video and expressed gratitude to Kamal Haasan for his kindness. He also honored composer Imman, who has been the singer’s biggest pillar of support. On his social media profile, he wrote: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart… thankq @ikamalhaasan sir 😊♥️for the love and kindness which makes difference in my life✨@KMMC_Chennai I thank @immancomposer, sir, ♥️ a pure soul who enjoys all my milestones☺️ (sic).”


Imman appreciated the singer saying that he would constantly encourage him. He wrote, “Keep scaling high! Always I will be a happy and an encouraging man behind you 👍 (sic).”

D Imman had phoned Thirumoorthi and forced him to sing the song Sevanthiye in Seeru after witnessing a couple of his videos on social media. Later, Thirumoorthi performed Vaa Saamy in Superstar Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe, which also included Imman’s soundtrack. Imman had tweeted following Thirumoorthi’s encounter with Kamal Haasan, “Music composer D Imman, who introduced Thirumoorthy into the film industry with a song in Jiiva’s Seeru, immediately thanked Kamal Haasan for his support. He wrote on his social media page, “I’m so elated with all the proceedings of Singer Thirumoorthi! May you Rise Higher and Higher! I will be always a happy man adoring your baby steps towards Mighty Achievements! Thanks to Kamal Sir for your kind support! (sic).”