Kamal Haasan encourages visually challenged Thirumoorthi


Kamal Haasan met visually challenged vocalist Nochipatti Thirumoorthi as of late and has guaranteed that he would get him signed up for AR Rahman’s music school to officially learn music. The vocalist had sung the song Vaa Saamy in Rajinikanth‘s Annaatthe recently.

Kamal, who had met Thirumoorthi in between his shoot, welcomed him with a bouquet. In a video that has now gone viral, Thirumoorthi is seen telling the Ulaganayagan that he wanted to take a pic with him when he had attended an awards function in 2020, but he was happy that he had finally got a chance to meet him.

The vocalist then, at that point, sang a part from Pathala Pathala, the melody from Kamal’s new blockbuster Vikram, procuring appreciation from the star. The actor then asked him what his next plans were and if he intended to just remain a singer. To this, Thirumoorthi can be seen replying that he wanted to learn music formally and improve himself. “Okay, will you learn music if I get you enrolled in Rahman sir’s KM Music  Kamal asks the vocalist, to which he says he’d learn, and that it has been a dream for him to learn music.

Kamal’s movies have been winning acclaim from fans and, surprisingly, those in the entertainment world. D Imman, who had roped in Thirumoorthi to sing in Annaatthe, said thanks to the actor for his help. “I’m so elated with all the proceedings of Singer Thirumoorthi! May you Rise Higher and Higher! I will be always a happy man adoring your baby steps towards Mighty Achievements! Thanks to Kamal Sir for your kind support!, ” he tweeted, sharing his pleasure.