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‘Kaduva’ will not be released even if filmed, The real Kuruvachan with clarification!

The real Kuruvachan about Kaduva Movie

Kuruvinalkunnel Kuruvachan says that the movie titled ‘Kaduva‘ starring Prithviraj will not be allowed to be screened even after the shooting is over. Kuruvachan said that he had come to know that Suresh Gopi’s film and Prithviraj’s film were scripted as his life story and had filed a case in the court saying that he wanted to see the scripts of both the films. I read the story of the movie Tiger starring Prithviraj, but Kuruvachan says that there is an attempt to distort my life story context. It’s unacceptable to distort my real-life story contexts. “Everything that has happened in my life has been revealed in writing before the courts, including the Supreme Court,” he said.

Kaduva Movie

It is learned that its activists are moving ahead with the film ‘Kaduva’. It is learned that the shoot is about to start. But without my consent, the film will not be able to complete if I go ahead with the process of making a story that sticks to my life. “Even if the film is completed, I will not allow it to reach the theaters,” Kuruvachan said. With his permission, Kuruvachan said that the YouTube channel ‘Gangs of Kino’ is filming my biography in eight episodes and its name is ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’.

However, screenwriter Jinu Abraham said that the character of Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan is imaginary and has nothing to do with the real Kuruvachan. Jinu said that Jose Kuruvinamkunnel’s life can be made into a movie by anyone and that his character is fictional. Earlier, Kuruvachan had said that he would like Suresh Gopi or Mohanlal to play the lead roles in the film. Kuruvachan had said that he had verbally promised Ranji Panicker years ago to make his life a movie and that would not change that.

Prithviraj in Kaduva Movie

The news came out last day in connection with the start of the shooting of the tiger. This was followed by Kuruvachan’s response. The film is set to start shooting in December. Filming, which was scheduled for July, was postponed until after COVID. Tiger is also Shaji Kailas’ return to directing after years.

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