Home Film News Kaanekkane Movie Review : Family Thriller with Raw Human Emotions

Kaanekkane Movie Review : Family Thriller with Raw Human Emotions

Kaanekkane Movie Review
Kaanekkane Movie Review

The departure of a life partner is a difficult to-deal with situation, particularly when it is unexpected. Be that as it may, when the enduring accomplice rapidly continues on, it regularly welcomes a few inquiries with caused a stir, particularly in the personalities of those identified with the dead. Manu Ashokan’s new film Kaanekkane, Paul (Suraj Venjaramoodu), a representative tahasildar, is as yet wrestling with the demise of his little girl Sherin (Sruthy Ramachandran), who was hitched to Allen (Tovino Thomas). The couple additionally has a little child, Kuttu. Allen proceeds to wed Sneha (Aishwarya Lekshmi), who really focuses on Kuttu like her own child. Be that as it may, when Paul visits them interestingly following a time of Sherin’s demise, he is grieved to perceive how they have all failed to remember her. He additionally tracks down a couple of motivations to keep thinking about whether his girl’s demise in a mishap was manufactured.

Kaanekkane is a passionate ride all through, investigating the situation according to the perspective of every one of the blemished characters required, through its non-straight portrayal. Every one of them are harmed and clashed, and in particular the style of portrayal causes us to feel for every one of them. Indeed, some of them ought to have realized better, one may think, however the story assists us with identifying for their problem too.

Bobby and Sanjay merit recognition for exhibiting this trendy story in the most captivating design, while Manu’s bearing additionally assists us with comprehension and might be now and again, relate to the characters. The entertainers additionally merit recognition for avoiding compulsions to exaggerate these feelings loaded individuals, who are continually questioning themselves, the different decisions they made, how life has dealt with them and the sky is the limit from there.

Suraj acts out so well that in any event, when he is simply strolling, one can feel how upset the father he is playing, is. Tovino and Aishwarya, whose science in Mayaanadhi was tremendously valued, handily presents an alternate condition here of a worried couple. On occasion, the story can be a charming drama as well, however at that point again it causes you to feel it’s a story with its heart in the perfect spot.

At specific crossroads in the film, it is difficult to accept that the person Kuttu has so effortlessly failed to remember his mother who died simply a year prior, thinking about the kid’s age. Be that as it may, the story is sufficiently fascinating to make you give it an advantage of uncertainty. There are likewise a couple of successions which now and again confound you regarding whether you are watching the past or the present.

At a time in which many individuals are caught in various types of passionate unrest, this is a film that assists you with seeing how none of us are great. What’s more, might be, see every one of these blemished individuals from their shoes.

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