K Surendran said that fear is haunting the Chief Minister, The reason is

K Surendran against state government
K Surendran against state government

BJP state president K Surendran by providing a message to the violence. Surendran said that Pinarayi’s intention to see the BJP president again was clear and that we were ready to face the agitation by committing fraud and violence.

He was speaking after inaugurating the BJP secretariat in March demanding the resignations of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Minister Jaleel. The BJP has made allegations of corruption and politics. But Pinarayi is not ready to answer that. Pinarayi is mentally deranged. Fear haunts him. He is afraid of even his own shadow. Surendran said the reason for that fear was the thought of when the investigating agencies would reach out to him.

Surendran said that Pinarayi’s threat was not against the BJP and pointed out that Pinarayi clearly knew that the BJP was not the one to back down with the threat. The threat is that they will respond on another level. That is what we are waiting for. We have seen that response from Vadikal Ramakrishnan. I have faced it. We are not retreating. Strongly confronted from the front. Pinarayi is convinced of all that. Pinarayi’s description of his history was ridiculous. Those who have read the book by Berlin Kunjananthan Nair will know who Pinarayi is.

Investigative agencies have found links between the chief minister’s office, other ministers and the children of CPM leaders in gold smuggling and drug cases. None of that was fabricated by the opposition. But the CM did not give a clear answer to any of the allegations.

The Chief Minister has not yet given a clear answer as to whether the Commission was beaten up in the Life Mission, whether a minister smuggled gold under the guise of the Qur’an, or what files were burnt when the Secretariat was set on fire. Four and a half years ago, Pinarayi took a stand on the allegation against another Chief Minister that the accused should step down. Surendran also asked if it would not apply now.

The main role of the commission in the Life Mission scam has gone to the minister’s son. It is said that the locker was opened to take the grandson’s necklace. It is unbelievable to say that a sovereign necklace was kept in a locker.

Surendran reiterated that a large portion of the corrupt money went to Pinarayi Vijayan. The inquiry will reach out to more ministers. A minister has not been seen in Thiruvananthapuram for two days. The country is ruled by a BJP government led by Narendra Modi. Surendran said that not a single corrupt person will be allowed to escape.

Political allegations need such an answer. It is a delusion that the struggle can be suppressed by intimidation. Along with the police, Diffie criminals have also come forward to confront the BJP. We are ready to face Diffie on the same coin. The BJP’s female tigers are enough for that. Even if they kill themselves, they will go ahead with this struggle. Surendran said that Panarai will not be able to wash his hands of this sin.

K. The Secretariat March started under the leadership of Surendran from the Palayam Martyrs’ Hall. Senior leaders O Rajagopal, Kummanam Rajasekharan and district president VV Rajesh led from the front. O Rajagopal, Kummanam Rajasekharan and VV Rajesh also spoke.

BJP state general secretary P Sudhir and Mahila Morcha state president Adv. Nivedita, Yuva Morcha state president Praful Krishna, OBC Morcha state president NP Radhakrishnan, BJP state vice president VT Rema, state treasurer JR Padmakumar, state secretaries C Sivankutty, Karamanajayan and S Suresh led the march.