Jyothika turns 44. Happy Birthday diva


Jyotika is one of South Industry’s most well-known and beloved faces. Today is the birthday celebration day for Jyothika Saravanan. She has also worked on films in various south Indian languages, including Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, and Kannada. She has performed in a number of Hindi films. Despite her professional success, she gave up acting after getting married.

Jyotika Suriya

In 1999, Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya, met Jyothika Saravanan. Suriya was the famous actor Sivakumar’s son, while Jyothika was from Mumbai with Punjabi and Maharashtrian ancestry. Jyothika was unaware that Tamil was attempting to regain her footing.


Jyothika became a superstar in 2001, whilst Suriya was still looking for his big break. The couple started conversing, chit-chatting and hanging around. Jyothika watched Suriya’s eighth movie, Nanda, from the projector room despite being at the premiere. She suggested his name to Gautham Menon for his upcoming film, Kaakha Kaakha, after seeing the movie.

jyothika va chellam movie

The industry was aware that Jyothika was well-known and that her advice would be taken seriously. After then, Suriya was given a role in the movie, and Kaakha Kaakha went on to become his biggest box office hit. When Suriya’s parents needed to be persuaded of this arrangement, the relationship encountered a few other difficulties. But despite all obstacles, Suriya and Jyothika were able to tie the knot in a low-key affair.


In 1997, Jyothika made her acting debut in the Hindi film Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. She co-starred with Chiranjeevi in her first Tamil film Vaali (1999) and her first Telegu film Tagore. Jyothika has performed in many different roles over the years. She returned to the big screen after a pause for marriage.


The films Vaali (1999) and Kushi marked a turning point in the actor’s career (2000). She had a very successful career, but after getting married in 2006, she left the field. She took a break for a number of years before making a comeback in 2015 with the movie 36 Vayadhinile. She acted in movies like Nechiyar (2016), Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (2018), and Magalir Mattum after that (2017).