Jr NTR Joins Forces With Hrithik Roshan For War 2!

RRR is a Telugu film that has won many world-class awards and accolades, including an Oscar, and the hero of the film, Junior NTR, is making his Bollywood debut. Junior NTR made his debut in Bollywood with Hrithik Roshan. War was Hrithik Roshan’s most successful film in the recent past. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are the protagonists in the action thriller film.

According to new reports, Jr. NTR will be acting in the second part of Warin. While Hrithik Roshan will play the role of Kabir, the makers are preparing a new avatar for Junior NTR. The success of RRR and the Oscar award have made Jr. NTR a Pan-Indian actor. Moreover, the star’s market has increased. Many people from inside and outside India have come forward to praise Junior NTR’s performance. The second part of War will be a heavy action thriller with a huge budget and Hrithik Roshan and Jr. NTR as the lead characters. Therefore, the filming will take a long time. However, the makers are planning to release the film by the end of 2023.

According to new reports, Jr. NTR has also seen a huge increase in his remuneration with his Bollywood debut. The remuneration of this star in RRR was 45 crores. It is also reported from the Telugu film world that Junior NTR’s reward is 100 crores for the new Bollywood film. After RRR, Junior NTR is looking for opportunities in big-budget Pan-Indian films.