Jr NTR hides his Bheem hairstyle for an ad shoot

Jr NTR, is a popular brand ambassador, and the actor is continuing his assignments even though Rajamouli’s “RRR” getting delayed.

As per the agreement, NTR should not reveal the getup of ‘Bheem’ on any platform until the release of “RRR”.  

However, he recently shot the ad of sparkling apple juice drink brand sporting the twirled moustache he grew for the role of ‘Bheem’. He is careful enough to hide his hairstyle under a cap.

“RRR” was to wrap up its entire shoot by the March-end this year but the film’s shoot came to a grinding halt due to coronavirus.

Rajamouli has not resumed the shoot yet and NTR has signed a contract with the brand to complete ad films and promotional material.