Jr. NTR and Kalyan Ram pay tribute to grandfather Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao on his 27th death anniversary


On January 18, Jr. NTR and Kalyan Ram traveled to Hyderabad’s NTR Ghat to honor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao on his 27th death anniversary. The brothers paid tribute to Sr. NT Rama Rao while walking barefoot in front of a large crowd and the media, as shown in the video while dressed casually. The renowned actor, who appeared in more than 300 Telugu movies, passed away on January 18, 1996, at his home in Hyderabad, the state’s capital. He was 72.

A former movie star served three turbulent periods as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, and the Telugu-speaking population of AP constructed mythic figure of him based on his acting career. To honor the actor and former Chief Minister on both his birth and death anniversaries, Jr. NTR and his brother visit NTR ghat every year with fans and other family members. The Nandamuri family participates in this custom each year.

In addition, Kalyan Ram tweeted a picture of his grandfather Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and expressed his love for him. The illustrious senior actor, who is frequently known to by his initials NTR, has received numerous honours, including three National Film Awards, two Rashtrapai Awards, and one Nandi Award. In 1968, Rao, who had made his acting debut in the Telugu social drama Mana Desam, was given the Padma Shri Award.

The RRR actor Jr. NTR has previously stated in interviews that his grandfather has always had an impact on his life. He also mentioned how it made it easier for him to memorize long monologues for his movies.