Joju George Says That There Is Another Cyber Attack Against Him Without Any Need

Actor Joju George took a hiatus from his online presence as cyber violence against him intensified following a nightly comment. He stayed away from social media platforms and returned there by the end of last year. Now Joju George is saying that cyber violence is happening against him again. He says he’s getting pulled into a lot of stuff that’s not coming into his inbox that he’s happy to read. The decision is to take a break from online again and focus on work. Joju explains things through a video shared on Instagram.

Joju George on the ongoing cyber attack against him Hello everyone Thank you very much for all the comments and kind words about the movie Iratta . The movie is moving along very well. Now I’m here to thank you all one more time and for one more thing. I have been away from online and all media for a while. Because of the many attacks against me. Verbal aggression and professional confrontation. Due to various circumstances, I stayed away from everything. I came with the desire to come back actively with this film. Again my inbox is full of anonymous messages that drag me into things I don’t need. Then again I’m taking a break to focus on my work and stuff. Will come back again sometime. Telling my friends. It would be great if you could let me go. I’ll act on the side. I get a lot of messages and a lot of tagging. What a pleasure to read. Already Struggle is again, the struggle to make a career. I’m not saying you have to help. So happy to do no harm. Harm if happiness comes from harm. There is no other way. Thank you for your support. Struggle to make a career. I’m not saying you have to help. So happy to do no harm.