Joju and Prithvi reveal the mystery, ‘Star’ hits theatres on April 9!


Joju George, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Sheelu Abraham will play the central roles. The film Abraham Mathew is produced under the banner of the Abraham Movies. ‘ Star ‘, attracted a lot of attention to itself during the announcement. Directed by Domin de Silva, the film is set to hit theatres on April 9. The title poster of the film, which belongs to the Mystery Thriller category, has already garnered attention on social media. It is clear from the poster that the movie titled ‘Star’ is based on beliefs. Although Prithviraj will be making a guest appearance in the film, the cast and crew say that he is playing a very important role. The highlight of the movie is the Jojo – Prithviraj combo in the lead role. Prithviraj plays the role of Derrick, a doctor, while Jojo plays Roy, a householder. Sheelu Abraham will also be seen in the lead role of Ardra. The film revolves around the problems that arise in a particular situation in a family consisting of Roy, Ardra and their children, and Dr Derry who enters into it, and then finds and solves the cause of the family’s problems. The film also stars Sania Babu, Baby Sreelakshmi, Gayatri Ashok, Thanmay Mithun, Jafar Idukki, Sabitha, Shiny Sara, Rajeshji, Subalakshmi Amma and Sarasa Balussery. Post-production work on the film, which has already completed shooting, is in progress. Newcomer Suvin S Somasekaran is writing the script. The songs of the film are composed by M. Jayachandran and Ranjin Raj. The lyrics are by Harinarayan. Badusha is the project designer. Tarun Bhaskaran is the cinematographer. Editing by Lal Krishnan. Richard is the production controller. The background music for the film is composed by William Francis. Directed by Kamar Edakkara and costumes by Arun Manohar, the film features Roshan NG makeup and Ajith M George sound design. Ameer Cochin is the Finance Controller and Suhail M and Vinayan are the Chief Associates. PRO-P Sivaprasad, Stills-Aneesh Arjun and Designs-7com are the other line workers.