Home Film News Jayasurya’s new movie ‘Vellam’ in OTT release, Director with explanation

Jayasurya’s new movie ‘Vellam’ in OTT release, Director with explanation

Jayasurya New Movie Vellam
Jayasurya New Movie Vellam

Vellam is the second film between Malayalam superstar Jayasurya and director Prajesh Sen. The film was slated to release on Vishu, but the release of the film has been postponed due to Corona. But now the director has announced his decision on the release of the film after many people asked if the film would be released on the ODT platform.


He said that the final touches to the film have been completed and that the producers, Friendly Productions, have decided to release it in theaters when they return to the shore from COVID. 

Prajeesh’s Facebook post is as follows

To those who always ask about water. What happened to the water? When is the release? Looking for a snap? Dear friends and movie lovers, the joy of your question is indescribable. This love has been felt since the captain announced the water with Jayden afterward. When the poster and teaser were released on Ananyakutty’s dad’s father’s song, it’s enough to say thank you for everything.


Water was supposed to be released as a Vishu film in April. As in all other areas, Kovid and Lockdown caused a major crisis. Now the lockdown concessions are starting to come. Theaters are also expected to open soon. Movies and entertainment are part of our daily lives. Like any other filmmaker and film lover waiting for the good news.

Let’s get to the point. The water has finished building the final finish. Producers Friendly Productions has decided to release the water in theaters when it returns from the cove. Water is brought to the exhibition by Central Pictures. Personally I can assure you that the theater experience will be great as it is a fully synced sounded movie.

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