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Jayachandran thanked everyone who prayed for his wife


Actor Kuttikal Jayachandran’s wife was admitted to the hospital with Kovid a few days ago. The actor himself came to share this information. At Kozhikode Maitra Hospital! I stand with life in my hands. That is not a sacrifice. It is a duty. Another thing to say is, Kovid is not terrible, we are terrifying him. Please avoid unnecessary distractions. The mask should be worn when talking and when there is a person nearby. Even when wearing gloves, do not touch the face without disinfecting your hands.

Actor Kuttikal Jayachandran n wife

We did all this, but we had to drink plenty of water, especially women. Jayachandran thanked the CPM workers who stood by him outside, his dear friends who stood by him outside politics, the well-cared-for hospital staff and your dear ones, and now he is happy to bring his wife home. The wife went home to rest, though not completely! Our heartfelt thanks to those who stood by, to the media, and to those who sat at a distance and gave their minds. “Everyone pay a lot of attention,” Jayachandran wrote on Facebook.

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