Jawan Chandu Chavan announced to go on a fast-unto-death, accusing Army officials of harassment

Jawan Chandu Chavan
Jawan Chandu Chavan

A few days ago, Jawan Chandu Chavan, who had accused the officers of the army of harassment, announced to go on a fast unto death at Jantar Mantar from November 2. He had inadvertently moved to Pakistan after the 2016 surgical strike. He returned to India after being detained there for four months. Chandu says that ever since he returned from Pakistan prison, he is seen with suspicion. He is being harassed. 

Chandu has applied to leave the army after making the allegations. At the same time, responding to the allegations a few days ago, the Indian Army called it indiscipline. According to Indian Army sources, Chavan is facing 5 indiscipline cases. Apart from this, during campaigning in the last Lok Sabha election, a complaint was also received from the administration at Dhule. It was also shown in the media.

Salary not received for three months,
Chandu said that he had to face the Court of Inquiry on his return from Pakistan. Sentenced to 90 days in an army prison. He said that a posting has been given in Ahmednagar, but he has not received his salary for the last three months. Chandu has also accused his mobile phone and identity card of being confiscated.

Will fast until action, Anshan
Chandu has written to the District Magistrate of Dhule and requested the government to intervene. He has said that action should be taken against the officers who tortured him. Till the government takes no action on this, Chavan has announced to sit on fast unto death.