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Janaki Jaane Movie Review

Janaki Jaane a movie about a mother, daughter, and a young man who ties them up, depicts how victimized lives surrender their minds to influence. However, the film also shows the power of support and inspiration to bring about positive change. While not as impactful as Navya Nair’s previous film “Oruthee,” “Janaki Jaane ” will still serve as a great source of inspiration for girls. Janaki Jaane follows the story of Janaki Viswanathan, a timid girl who lives with her mother and struggles with fear and anxiety. Despite her fears, Janaki takes care of everything at home and works at a press job. Navya Nair delivers a beautiful portrayal of Janaki’s character, capturing her fear and anxiety in a powerful way. While Janaki’s fear persists despite attempts to overcome it, the film highlights the transformative power of support and inspiration.

Saiju Kurup’s portrayal of subcontractor Unni Mukundan brings much-needed levity to the film, entertaining and captivating the audience. Saiju’s versatility as an actor shines through, having played hero, supporting roles, and even Hero in other films. His expressive face and relatable presence make him a fan favorite, and his pairing with Navya Nair in “Janaki Jaane” is a reunion that audiences can’t get enough of. One major point of confusion for audiences of “Janaki Jaane” is the choice of name for Saiju Kurup‘s character, Unni Mukundan. Some viewers have questioned the decision to use a name that is already associated with an actor in the industry, as well as a recent film titled “Mukundan Unni Associates” featuring a character with the same name. While there is no official explanation for the name choice, it is possible that the filmmakers simply liked the name and decided to use it for the character. It is not uncommon for characters in films to share names with real-life individuals or other characters in the industry. Ultimately, the name choice does not detract from the quality of the film or the performances of the actors involved.

Janaki Jaane Movie Box Office Collection

DaysJanaki Jaane Movie Box Office Collection
Day 1₹ 0.12 Cr
Day 2₹ 0.15 Cr
Day 3₹ 0.16 Cr
Day 4₹ 0.08 Cr

Janaki Jaane Movie Full Cast And Crew

Janaki Jaane MovieCast, Crew & Details
DirectorAneesh Upasana
StarsSaiju Kurup, Johny Antony
ActressNavya Nair
Release DateMay 12, 2023
Runtime2 hours 4 minutes
Cinematography Syamaprakash M.S
MusicSibi Mathew Alex

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