Jacqueline Fernandez is charged in a money laundering case


Jacqueline Fernandez, an actress, has been charged with money laundering in the case against con artist Sukesh Chandrasekar. The Enforcement Directorate has called the actress multiple times over the past year. In accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, the ED also attached Rs 7.27 crore of Jacqueline’s cash in April 2022. (PMLA). Sukesh is previously accused of demanding extortion worth a staggering Rs 200 crore.

Jacqueline’s lawyer, AD. Prashant Patil has said that the actress has not got any official copy of the complaint yet. He said, “We have received information about the complaint being filed by the Enforcement Directorate only through media reports. There is no official communication from the Enforcement Directorate or the Hon’ble Court. My client has not received any copy of the complaint filed by the Enforcement Directorate. However, if the media reports are true, then it’s unfortunate that my client has been arraigned as an accused in the said case.”


The lawyer further added, “She has always cooperated with the investigation agencies and attended all the summons issued to date. She has handed over all the information to the best of her ability to the ED. The agencies have failed to appreciate that she was cheated and conned into this matter. She is a victim of a larger criminal conspiracy. Taking the entire prosecution case to be true for the sake of arguments, even then, no case is made out against Jacqueline under the scheme of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act or any other Law in force. This is a case of mala fide prosecution and my client shall take steps as required under law to protect her dignity and liberty.”


Following this, the actress, who was most recently featured in Vikrant Rona, released a message on her social media accounts, referring to herself as “dear me.” “Dear me, I deserve all good things, I am powerful, I accept myself, it will all be okay. I am strong, I will achieve my goals and dreams, I can do it,” the note read.


As gifts, Jacqueline allegedly received a Persian cat for 9 lakh rupees and a horse worth 52 lakh rupees. Additionally, she purchased premium clothing and accessories from Chanel and Gucci. According to reports, Sukesh and the actress met while he was jail.