It’s not based on Politics; Team Bhramam explaining about the replace of actress Ahana from the movie


Open Book Productions, the makers of the film, has said that the Bhramam of Prithviraj playing the lead did not exclude Ahana from the film for political reasons. Krishnakumar’s statement that Ahana’s removal from the film was politically motivated was immediately noticed, and Open Book Productions said in a statement that it strongly opposed the allegation if the film in question was a Bhramam made by us.

The producers said the decision was purely professional and did not involve any political motivation. Ravi K Chandran, CV for Open Books Productions, said that no one, including Prithviraj Sukumaran, was involved in the decision. Sarathi, Badusha NM, Vivek Ramadevan and Sarath Balan said in a statement.

The full version of the statement

We, as the drivers of the Open Book, have made it clear from the outset that there are no political considerations in the selection of actors or the selection of technicians in the film Bhramam which we produced under the banner of Open Book Productions. Today, some media outlets have reported that Ahana’s omission from the film was politically motivated. Open Book Productions strongly opposes the allegation that the film intended for this news item is a Bhramam we produced.

In a film, only the director, writer, cameraman and producer of the film choose the actors who are suitable for the role. It is true that we considered Ahana, but we also informed Ahana that the final decision would be made only after the camera test and costume trial. Until then, we as producers had told them not to divulge what they had considered in the film. Unfortunately, Ahana’s name appeared in some media.

The camera test and costume trial did not take place on the first scheduled date as Ahana was working on another film; It was too late again as Ahana was affected by Kovid-19. After they were cured, they underwent a camera test and costume trial on January 10, 2021. After seeing the pictures of the costume trial, the director, writer and producer came to the conclusion that Ahana was not suitable for the role. Ahana was officially informed of this information and apologized and told to work together on the next project.

We are confident that this decision is a purely professional one and has no political impetus. We have been working in cinema for 25 years. The film is our workplace and work is God to us. We always make sure that there is no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, ethnicity, colour, sex or party politics in our workplace. That will still be our policy.

We humbly request and plead that our workplaces should not be dragged into such discrimination for anyone’s interests. At the end of this letter, we would like to add one more thing.