It’s a fake profile that someone else uses in my name, and I’m not on Facebook, Bhavana against fake profile


Fe ysbukkil actress seizes fake pejinetire his name. The actor also revealed that he does not have an account on Facebook and that someone else is active in his name. The actor was asked by fans to report the page. The actress took to Instagram to launch a fake Facebook page in her name. Rajesh B Menon, a cousin of Bhavana and a cousin of the filmmaker, has said this.

Bhavana lives in Bem Galore after her marriage. In 2018, the Kannada producer Naveen Bhavana is married. The actor has not acted in Malayalam since Prithviraj starrer Adam John. She returned to acting after her marriage with the Kannada remake 99 of the Tamil film 96. Inspector Vikram, Bhajram Gi 2 and Govinda Govinda are the latest films to be imagined.