It was the moment when love opened up, Durga Krishna talks about love that started with a kiss

Durga and Arjun reveal their love

DurgaActress Durgakrishna and her husband Arjun Raveendran are married after a love affair. Durga and entrepreneur Arjun got married in Guruvayur. After marriage, Durga regularly takes to Instagram with new experiences in life. In other words, this movie is from the moment Durga and Arjun reveal their love. That love begins with a kiss. Durga has also explained the context. It was a very interesting situation.


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Durga was like if you are friendly then you can go or end with this. But then came a life-changing moment full of suspense in front of Durga. Without saying anything, Arjun opened his mind, Arjun holds Durga’s hand close to his own. In an interview, when Durga recounted the moment, Arjun’s face lit up a little. Later, a kiss on the cheek surprised Durga. The proposal was on the train. Save the Date before the wedding, the music, and the post-wedding party were all very fun and Durga and Arjun dressed up.