It was that young actor who conquered my heart; Varalaxmi says she will say ‘I love you’ when she sees him

Actor Sarathkumar’s daughter Varalakshmi is an actress who has attracted the attention of villains beyond her heroine roles. There have been many rumors circulating about Varalakshmi’s marriage. It was rumored that Varalakshmi was in love with South Indian actor Vishal.

But the rumors came to an end when Vishal confirmed his marriage to Aneesha and not Reddy. With this, fans are waiting to see who Varalakshmi’s groom will be. Meanwhile, an interesting thing that Varalakshmi shared in an interview given to a media a few days ago is now being discussed.


When asked who is the actor who won the heart of the actress, Varalakshmi mentioned the name of Telugu actor Prabhas. Varalakshmi said that if she sees Prabhas, she will say I love you.

There are many rumors circulating about Prabhas’ marriage. Prabhas, who has won fans all over India through her Bahubali, was rumored to be getting married to her partner Anushka Shetty. But the two had openly said that they were not in love but friends