It was here that the reserves were funded; Letter of thanks to Manju

Mohanlal and Manju Warrier, along with Mohanlal and Manju Warrier, helped FFK to help the filmmakers in the aftermath of the Covid 19 crisis. FFCA General Secretary B Unnikrishnan released the letter of thanks to Manju Warrier on social media after thanking Mohanlal.

Facebook post by B Unnikrishnan

Thanks to Mrs. Manju Warrier, FFK’s letter is published: Mrs. Manju Warrier The film industry in which we operate is one of the first sectors to follow the Covid 19 expansion. We do not know if filming could resume. We have around 3,000 paid colleagues in Malayalam; Also, co-directors, dubbing artists, dancers. So a great deal of them. When we were having a consultation on how we could help them in times of crisis, you phoned me here and offered to donate Rs. The next day, the money was sent back. You are the one who will help me with the Kalyan Jewelers. That discussion developed, We are grateful to Manju for his love and commitment to the members of FFK. And love. In Manju’s travels, we have no doubt that he will always be there to support the strong values ​​of working class consciousness and brotherhood. With love,

Unnikrishnan B

(General Secretary, FFKA)

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