It was enough to get an answer to that, and finally Bala with an argument


An audio clip of Bala’s phone conversation with singer Amrita has been circulating on social media in recent days. Now the actor has come on the scene with an explanation on the subject. Bala said the phone call was made while his mother was in critical condition and he was angry that the call was delayed without giving a definite answer.

Bala’s words, ‘A big thank you to everyone. All who loved me prayed earnestly. The mother is recovering. Now I am in Chennai. My mind has not been with me for the last four or five days. Mom was a little serious. I came here with the help of God. There was some tension. The sadness that comes when something happens to those who love us a lot, the sadness that happens when something happens to someone we love a lot. I have experienced both.’

‘There has been a lot of discussion in the meantime. Think about one thing sincerely. When we call someone we love so much, we do not answer clearly. In the meantime, there is no need to talk to the media or get any publicity from it. ‘ ‘When a person calls with love it is dragged and stretched without just answering. We will then be in a different state of mind. In the situation where his own mother was ill, the mind was really suffering. It was enough to get an answer to that, and it finally exploded. I will not divulge further details in this regard, “said Bala.

When Bala called to ask her to talk to her daughter, Amrita said that she was out to buy the Kovid test result. After reaching home, Amrita sent several text and voice notes to Bala but did not respond.