It was Dileep who got me out of that big defeat, and the story behind Meeshamadhavan, Says Lal Jose!

If it weren’t for Dileep, I would have ended up making just three films. Lal Jose has now said that it was Dileep who gave me the encouragement and care needed when he sang in the fall.

My third film, ‘Randam Bhavam’, was a huge failure. With that failure, I decided to no longer film and I started to get confined inside my room. Any time in my room alone with no contact with the outside world. At that time Dilip came to see me. Appachan Dileep was informed of my change. ‘Why are you stuck in the room, we should do the next movie soon,’ my date is open to you. If the story is ready, we can film at any time. Don’t worry about the producer. There are multiple producers who want to do films with me. ‘ It is with the words of Dilip that day I started writing the mustache. It was a picture that changed my life.

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