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It is reported that many girls are being exploited for cinema casting in Kerala.


It is reported that a gang of girls are being exploited in the name of film and album casting and trafficked in foreign countries. The girls have been secretly shooting at various places to act in films and albums.

These criminals, who pretend to be half-naked, later make their way through the Dark Web and other private groups. Though many have already been arrested for such crimes, it is known that it is still going on.

A statewide raid by the police on the dissemination and sharing of child pornography in cybersecurity has resulted in 89 cases registered in the last few days. 47 people were arrested. As part of the search, 143 devices, including memory cards, laptops, computers, mobile phones, modems and hard disks, were seized.

The inspection was conducted at 110 locations in all districts of the state. Most of the cases were registered in Malappuram. 15. Four persons were arrested in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode districts and five in Ernakulam. The raids were conducted in eight places in Thiruvananthapuram, 15 in Ernakulam and seven in Kozhikode. Among those arrested were young professionals and IT professionals who were doing good professional work.

The details and videos of the rest of the people involved in spreading these images are increasingly being collected. It was also found that the images were spread through social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. The process is being implemented by the Kerala Police to understand the log information of viewers and viewers. Police will continue to monitor and raid the system.

Police and technical experts from various districts participated in the raid jointly organized by the Kerala Police Counting Child Sex Exploitation Division and Cyberdome. The inspection was conducted by the district police chiefs in the districts.

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