Ishita Kishore Tops UPSC Civil Service Exam 2022:Women dominate the top

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recently unveiled the much-anticipated civil service exam result for the year 2022. In a remarkable display of female prowess, Ishita Kishore has secured the first rank, leading a pack of talented women who occupy all four of the top positions. The announcement has sparked celebration and inspired aspiring candidates across the country.

Ishita Kishore Claims the Top Spot: Ishita Kishore has emerged as the star of this year’s civil service examination, clinching the coveted first rank. Her exceptional performance and unwavering determination have earned her this prestigious achievement. Ishita’s success serves as an inspiration to countless individuals preparing for future civil service exams.

Female Domination in the Top Ranks: Continuing the trend witnessed in recent years, women have once again displayed their brilliance and tenacity by securing all four of the top four ranks in the civil service exam. Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi, and Smriti Mishra have secured the second, third, and fourth ranks, respectively, showcasing the significant progress and impact women are making in various fields. UPSC has now released the list of 933 candidates who have cleared the exam. 345 people qualified in general category.

Malayali Talent Shines Through: Adding to the diverse mix of achievers is Gahana Navya James, hailing from the state of Kerala. Gahana secured an impressive sixth rank, making her home state proud. This accomplishment highlights the rich talent pool and dedication prevalent among candidates from Kerala.

Arya VM’s Achievement: Kerala’s Arya VM has also made her mark by securing the second rank within the state and the 36th rank across India. Arya’s remarkable feat further exemplifies the extraordinary abilities possessed by candidates from Kerala and their consistent excellence in civil service examinations.

The Journey of Success: The civil service exam process comprises multiple stages, beginning with the preliminary exam, which took place on June 5, 2022. Following the prelims, the mains exam occurred from September 16 to 25, and the results were announced on December 6. The candidates who qualified then proceeded to the interview stage, which concluded on May 18. UPSC has released the final list of 933 successful candidates who have triumphed over this challenging and rigorous selection process.

The announcement of the civil service exam result 2022 has brought to the forefront the exceptional accomplishments of Ishita Kishore, who clinched the top spot with her outstanding performance. The dominance of women in the top ranks highlights the growing impact and influence of female candidates in civil services. Each achiever’s journey reflects their unwavering determination, perseverance, and dedication to serving the nation through public service.