Is Varun Tej plannng to marry Lavanya?


Actor Nagendra Babu recently declared that his son Varun Tej will marry this year and that he will personally introduce the bride to the public. His latest statement sparked speculation in Tollywood and the media about whether Varun will make his rumored connection with Lavanya public.

Varun Tej

Rumors have circulated that Varun Tej and actress Lavanya Tripathi had been dating for quite some time. However, both of them have consistently denied this. Since Varun hasn’t spoken to the public about it, many are wondering if he’ll marry Lavanya or someone else.

In an interview, Lavanya refuted all rumors of her marriage and noted that this is all happening because she co-starred with him in two films (Mister, Antariksham). “I am single because I have not found the right answer.” The actress also addressed the bizarre rumour that she is in a live-in relationship.

His family is said to be planning to marry him this year, and Varun Tej’s father, actor and producer Naga Babu, disclosed this in one of his interviews.

While speaking to the media at an event, Naga Babu reportedly indicated that he would provide every information about his son’s wedding but would not share any specifics about the bride. He went on to say that he will ‘announce the same formally after both families have concluded’.

Meanwhile, Varun Tej is juggling multiple films on the work front. He was most recently seen in ‘Ghani’ and ‘F3: Fun and Frustration,’ both of which were released last year, and is now gearing up for ‘Gandeevadhari Arjuna,’ which will be released in 2023. In contrast, Lavanya was last seen in Happy Birthday. She has not yet uncovered her upcoming films.

Varun is the son of Telugu actor and producer Nagendra Babu, as well as the nephew of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. He is Ram Charan’s, Allu Arjun’s, Allu Sirish’s, Sai Tej’s, and Panja Vaissnav Tej’s cousin.