Is the size of the garments determines one’s character? Some people thinks that being a celebrity is the right thing to do & say anything

Sania iyappan is more than just an actress, she is a dancer. Sania has come to light on the silver screen with her acting skills in the dance reality show D4 Dance. The actor has been subjected to a lot of cyber criticism for his modern dress. Sania is now preparing to file a case against those who have come to her for comment.

To this day I’ve only seen it as a troll and a joke. “I have decided to file the case as it is affecting not only myself but also her family. I hope that if someone is brought out, it will be a lesson to others,” she said.

To this day, I and my family have not had any disagreements about my dressing or acting. The recent photoshoot, however, has embarrassed them because of the negative comments. One commented that she should be taken to a Delhi bus. Whatever it is, one should recognize the character and personality of the person, not just the dress. And we all know what happened in Delhi, how they felt about me being so cruel. I have laughed at all the comments so far. But I don’t mean to leave this alone. Whoever says this should come out. I have no idea how successful it will be. But I want to see someone if you think I’m gonna put on a little dress.

Would he be a bad guy just because he was a little sloppy? How do they think my dressings are my character. Some people think that being a celebrity can mean anything to them. There are also some who comment only on certain girls. I’ll be bold sometimes. But my family doesn’t have to be like that, just like all the other girls do. What came to me should not come to a girl anymore. The case will go to great lengths. I’ll bring him out.