Is it dangerous to eat living animals? One killed by Hanta virus in China after Corona

The whole world is facing the Coronavirus (Covid – 19) today. It started with Wuhan province in China. Then comes another shocking news from China today. A man in Yunnan province, China, has died of a Hantavirus infection Monday in the ongoing war with the Coronavirus (Coronavirus). This person was returning by bus from Shandong province. He was found to be positive. The other 32 passengers on the bus were also interrogated. Chinese government newspaper Global Times has reportedly sparked social media following the incident.

Like the coronavirus, it is feared that Hanta will become a partner. If the Chinese people do not stop eating live animals, then it will continue forever, it is said on social media. Shivam writes, ‘The Chinese are now preparing for another malady. The virus is caused by eating rats. In the wake of the ongoing discussion on social media, we need to understand what this virus is.

What is the Hanta Virus?

Experts say the Hantavirus is not as deadly as the corona. The disease is spread by exposure to rats or measles. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘rats are at risk of getting infected with the virus. Healthy individuals are at risk of getting infected by exposure to the deadly virus.

The lethal virus does not pass from one person to another. But if a person touches the hands, eyes, and nose after touching the rats, urine, etc., then the risk of getting infected is increased. When the virus is infected, one experiences fever, headache, pain all over the body, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea. If the treatment is delayed, the infected person’s lungs are filled with water, causing him or her to breathe.

Is the lethal virus deadly?

According to the CDC, the Hantavirus is deadly. The death toll is 38 percent. The case of the Hantavirus has surfaced in China at a time when the whole world is struggling with a coronavirus originating from Wuhan. So far 16,500 people have died due to the coronavirus. More than 3,82,824 people in the world have been infected with the coronavirus. Estimating the prevalence of coronavirus, the virus has spread to 196 countries.

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