Irrfan was a fan of Malayalam actress Parvathy, Because this is it


Irrfan Khan has always been adored by Parvathy, the best actress in Malayalam. Irfan was originally a hardcore fan of Parvati. When she got the chance to act together in a Hindi film, Irrfan was worried that anyone would notice Parvati’s acting ability.

parvathy with irrfanParvati is a great actress. Act with them is a very complex matter. Utaletukkillayirunnu chemistry between us had been such a great actress as much as they are. In this movie, I do not know even if they srad’dhikkappetumea abhinayikkunnatinal” – promotion of the film in the kharib kharib Single Irfan Once said laterally.

irrfan-khan-and-parvathy1509618630Irrfan Khan tweeted on Twitter about Parvati saying that she always misses her heroine if she takes photos with anyone. Now Irfan has left. But Paribati and Irrfan’s Khareeb Khareeb single as a Feel Good Movie will remain in the hearts of the audience forever.