Interview for recruitment of 320 doctors at DRRMLIMS Lohia Institute from June 1

Doctors Recruitment 2024
Doctors Recruitment 2024

DRRMLIMS Recruitment 2024: The shortage of doctors in Lohia Institute will be overcome soon. The institute will get 320 new doctors in July. Interviews will be held from June 1. Doctors will be selected and appointment letters will be issued by the first week of July. With the arrival of new doctors, the wait for medical advice and operation for patients will be reduced. For the first time, so many doctors are being recruited in the institute. The institute administration had issued an advertisement for the recruitment of doctors in December last year.

Interviews from 1st to 20th June Dr. CM Singh, Director of Lohia Institute, said that more than 800 doctors have applied against the advertisement for recruitment of 320 doctors. The institute administration had completed the work of checking the eligibility of the applicants two months ago but the interviews have been delayed due tothe Lok Sabha elections. Now the interviews of the doctors will be conducted between 1st to 20th June. Information regarding the interview has been sent to everyone.

Departments will get regular doctors:
Dr CM Singh said that patients are being treated on more than a thousand beds in Lohia Institute. More than three thousand come to OPD every day. At present, there are 150 regular doctors. While many other departments including eye, dental, mental, critical care medicine are dependent on contract doctors. When new doctors are recruited, there will be doctors as per the capacity.

There are more than two contenders for one post of doctor in the institute. The maximum applications have come in Blood and Transfusion Medicine, Ophthalmology Department, Dental, Mental Diseases, Radiology, and Orthopedics.