Inspiring greatness and innovation in the business space, meet entrepreneur Aimi Shibuya.

The young Japanese business talent, besides growing her business ventures, is also a well-renowned social media personality.

No one ever said that the path to success will always be about sunshine and happiness. In fact, it has always been the other way around. It has made people take roads that perhaps showed no destinations, but in the end, it gave them opportunities to grow from their situations and circumstances. Hence, people often are only one decision away from transforming their lives for the better and living their dreams in their careers and lives. Japanese talent and businesswoman Aimi Shibuya took that decision in her life when from Japan, working at a beauty salon, she chose to move to Singapore in her pursuit of creating her own business.

Taking this decision, she knew she was all on her own, but still, she never gave up. She fought tooth and nail and spared no effort in jumping into the business space to start her own beauty salon business in Singapore and offering teeth whitening services to people in the country, growing it as a specialty store only performing whitening treatments that weren’t available before. Though Aimi Shibuya plans to expand her salon business, she wants to stick to her values and the USP it already offers.

Growing from there and bringing Japanese food to Dubai, she also ventured into the restaurant business, launching her own Omakase Japanese restaurant TakaHisa (, which today is already a hot and happening place at Caesars Palace Hotel in Bluewaters, Dubai. Offering the best à la carte request, the best Wagyu beef and sushi in the city, it has attracted the attention of many significant personalities and celebrities as well across the world.

However, in recent years, her rising presence on social media has also allowed this gorgeous woman to attain more buzz, turning into a famous social media personality. She loves wearing luxury fashion brands at different events and also influences people with content on fashion and lifestyle.

Aimi Shibuya (@helloshibuya_3), who also runs a Sushi restaurant in Singapore, is already a verified personality on Instagram, and still, her reach is consistently growing every day.