Inside Story of Rambha and Ajith’s Alleged Scandal Revealed

Rambha, a former South Indian actress, made a significant impact on the film industry. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Rambha started her acting career with the Malayalam film “Sargam” and soon became a glamorous icon in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Though she acted alongside many superstars, Rambha took a break from the film industry after marrying businessman Indrakumar Padmanathan in 2010. The couple moved to Canada and focused on their family life, away from the hectic world of movies. However, a producer named Manikkam Narayanan has come forward with serious allegations against Rambha, claiming that she owes him a considerable sum of money related to the movie “Three Roses.” In this article, we will explore the details of this controversy and shed light on the allegations made by the producer.

Rambha‘s journey in the film industry began with her debut in the Malayalam film “Sargam.” However, it was in Tamil and Telugu cinema that she gained immense popularity. Known for her glamorous roles and dancing skills, Rambha acted alongside numerous superstars and carved a niche for herself in the industry. In 2010, she married businessman Indrakumar Padmanathan and relocated to Canada, where the couple has been residing ever since. They are blessed with three children, and Rambha has been focusing on her family life, distancing herself from the limelight.

Producer Manikkam Narayanan has accused Rambha of owing him a significant amount of money—four crore rupees—pertaining to the movie “Three Roses.” According to the producer, a police case was filed, and Rambha agreed to pay three crores as a settlement. However, she failed to fulfill her commitment, which led to the producer taking legal action. To add fuel to the fire, Rambha and her brother called the media and shifted blame onto the producer, accusing him of being at fault. Nevertheless, Manikkam Narayanan firmly stated that he had no intentions of retracting his claims, clarifying his stance through a YouTube channel called Aagayam Tamil.

“Three Roses” was a movie produced by Rambha and her brother. Unfortunately, the film turned out to be a colossal failure at the box office, leading to financial difficulties for the actress. There were reports of Rambha accumulating substantial debts from financiers, which she later managed to repay by selling her house in Chennai.

In a separate incident, Manikkam Narayanan accused actor Ajith of cheating him out of Rs 15 lakh. It was alleged that Ajith promised to act in the producer’s film and took the money, claiming that his family needed it. However, Ajith later withdrew from the project, leaving the producer empty-handed. While Manikkam Narayanan lacks sufficient evidence to proceed with legal action, he openly criticized Ajith, stating that the actor portrays himself as a gentleman while engaging in hypocritical behavior. The producer further alleged that Ajith manipulates the media to write favorable articles about him, leading to widespread discussions and debates.

As news of the allegations against Rambha and Ajith spread, it triggered a series of debates among their respective fan bases. Ajith’s fans vehemently defended the actor, claiming that Manikkam Narayanan was merely seeking publicity through baseless accusations. On the other hand, the producer maintained that he had no ulterior motives and was only sharing his personal experiences. The controversy garnered significant attention within the film industry, and many eagerly awaited Ajith’s response to the allegations.