Once he gets a ministerial post in his life, his family will be spared. Many see corruption and nepotism as a way to monetize politics. Only a few see politics as a social service. Ramesh Niranjan was one such person. He was honest, steadfast in his stance, stubborn Gandhian. It did not take long for him to stand out amongst other peer politicians by his stance against corruption. Ramesh Niranjan, who was Minister of Sugarcane Development in the Uttarakhand Congress of the Uttarakhand Congress in 2006, has been selling toys and bangles at Haridwar’s footpath for the past several years. Get into that story…

After becoming a minister, he would not tolerate corruption and shortcomings. Returned for clarification without signing too many files. The public tender process introduced by the contractors was a headache for them. The displacement industry has ended. Initiated efforts to implement the Transparency and Citizen Charter in the section. Bureaucratic supremacy in the department has been eliminated.

He was a very honest leader. So he had many enemies, and there were strong marches on him in politics and bureaucracy. In the end, they sprinkled him brilliantly. He was immediately suspended by lightning inspections of 33 officials of the Krishi Bhavan rural office who were not properly employed. The suspension was the first in Uttarakhand’s history. The controversy was controversial. This angered senior officials and politicians.

Service organizations came out with a strike announcement. Many leaders of the ruling Congress party supported her. After the Chief Minister joined them, he finally tossed out his cabinet and quit politics altogether. Many years later, he still sells children’s toys in the Food Path of Haridwar as a mere formality without prejudice that he was the former minister.

Nowadays, when so many corrupt ministers are famous, some of the best rulers like him go on with their lives without even knowing anyone.