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Indians Prefer ‘Natural’ And ‘Organic’ In Skincare: Paarth Malhotra, Cofounder, Oh that! Natural

Beauty conscious or the right term to use here would be ‘beauty and skincare conscious people,’ are now rooting for natural skincare, beauty and wellness products like an organic Under Eye gel or a lip scrub. In the same direction, we recently bumped into Mr Paarth Malhotra, Cofounder, Oh that! Natural, an entrepreneur whose progressive vision is revolutionizing the skincare segment.

This beauty and skincare mogul has quite honestly expressed his views on natural beauty and skincare, how Oh that! Natural has surpassed other brands, and the brand’s bestselling, organic and cruelty-free products.

With Mocemsa perfumes redefining the idea of fragrances, what made you diversify? 

Paarth Malhotra (PM): Well, if you go down to perceiving the connection between both, Mocemsa and Oh that! Natural, it is your skin at the end of the day! Both men and women perfume and natural skincare products are manufactured keeping in mind how will your skin and body chemistry respond to the same. We have always stood by facilitating safe-to-use-on-skin products irrespective of the brands. 

Why tap into the billion-dollar natural skincare segment, alongside?

PM: As a Cofounder of Oh that! Natural, alongside Mr Pulkit Malhotra, I’ve always believed in the fact that you shall forever reside in the skin that you adorn since birth. While there do exist, people who use branded skincare products with chemicals that may or may not be safe or effective in the long term, there are also those who are sensitive to chemicals and have expressed fear in using anything on their skin.  Especially, Indians who are becoming more receptive towards organic products, prefer natural skincare.  Plus, the benefits attached to such products can be multiple – chemical-free with long-term effects and great food for the skin – provided you choose the right ones. You shouldn’t and can’t fool the consumers who are increasingly aware of what goes into making the products. 

After conducting in-depth research about ingredients, exploring different combinations and analysing the results, I can blatantly mention here that the skincare and makeup industries that we have been seeking unique products from so far, were deprived of truly natural, vegan, chemical-free, and cruelty-free such products.

I couldn’t come across any such natural products that ensured efficient results leading to a luxury experience I was on the lookout for. And, why should one have to put their health at stake for their beauty and skincare? These aspects hold utmost importance to me and I wanted to provide my customers with these. Hence, Pulkit and I maximized our efforts in creating our natural beauty, skincare and wellness line. Since then, we aim towards facilitating skincare that performs and transforms – not just to Indians but all, globally.

In a nutshell, how would you describe Oh that! Natural?

PM: Oh that! Natural is a natural skincare and wellness brand that facilitates organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free products and services that are designed per age-old natural beauty practices that involve the unadulterated natural elements of the earth. As a brand, we focus on bringing nature to the forefront and help the new age customers get familiar with its elements. We feel proud when our customers trust our products that enhance their skincare regimes and benefit them holistically. 

Additionally, we make sure to be available for our customer family 24 by 7 and offer expertise navigating them through every step of their care journey. The team assesses their concerns and tends to them over and above just the physical application of our products.

How do you approach skincare?

PM: Simplistic, holistic and natural – that’s what we stand for when we source the highest grade of natural ingredients in their true forms to accelerate qualitative manufacturing of our products. Not only are our products completely pure but also vegan, and cruelty-free.

How would you describe the Oh that! Natural aesthetic?

PM: Clean, minimalist, healthy and holistic natural skincare and wellness is what will go the farthest. We abide by these principles and thus, for us, less is more. For instance, let’s talk about the trending ‘no-makeup’ look. The key here is to improve your skin texture and create a luminous, glowing complexion. And, this can surely be a daunting task in itself. However, once you crack this concept with Oh that! Natural through our products like Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Scrub and Lather Junction Face and Body Scrub Grit, the sky too won’t limit you.

Let’s talk about your bestselling Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel. Can you tell us more about this niche product?

PM: I would like to add to your idea of calling the brand’s under eye gel, bestselling. All our products are trending and celebrated by people. And, Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel tops that list. True to its name, it is the perfect mild under eye gel that reduces and eventually diminishes dark circles, under-eye bags and puffiness. Above all, as an all-natural hydrating and moisturising under eye gel, it firms your skin by helping you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. 

How is the Indian beauty culture different from that of the other countries globally?

PM: Beauty and skincare in India are growing as multifaceted as the diversity in our country, nothing more, nothing less.  India is synonymous with a happy, mutual co-existence of tradition, spirituality and ancient rituals on one end of the spectrum, radiant fame-inspired aspirations on the other and many quick variations in-between. In the same direction, the roots of Indian culture have always amplified beauty as an expression of godliness, almost something to be revered.

Whereas, the beauty and skincare standards we as a part of the society have set for ourselves, happen to have a heavy influence on the styles and trends we are drawn to. In the USA, tanned skin is considered beautiful as compared to a creamy complexion that’s praised in many parts of Asia. Japanese women often wear long sleeves and hats to the beach to keep their skin fair. So, it varies according to our perception of beauty, on the whole.

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