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Indian Navy Day 2019: Salute every Indian, the spirit of the Indian Army

Indian Navy Day
Indian Navy Day

Today is Indian Navy Day. Every year on December 4, the heroes of the Navy are remembered in India and Navy Day is celebrated. In 1971, when we were victorious in the war between India and Pakistan. Naval Day is observed every year on 4 December to celebrate the victory of India. Naval Day is commemorated in commemoration of the remarkable success of the Indian Navy that attacked Karachi during this war. This battle is known as ‘Operation Trident’. In such a situation, remembering this day filled with courage and passion, you can wish your friends by sending these messages to excite them-

  • He is proud to serve the country,
    it is the people, it is the coast and all the borders.
    All Naval personnel wish to
    serve the country with pride,
    Happy Indian Navy Day 
  • Let’s celebrate with pride the
    service the country has to offer
    by our fearless and selfless
    warriors – in white dress!
    Happy Indian Navy Day 
  • Freedom in mind and words,
    pride in our hearts,
    memories in our souls,
    let’s salute the nation on Navy Day
    Happy Indian Navy Day 2019
  • Join hands in hand, brave India !!!
    Being united as one divides us all from falling.
    Happy Indian Navy Day 2019
  • There is freedom in mind,
    believe in words.
    Pride in our souls.
    Let’s salute the nation now.
  • We can see the sunrise freely and
    we can hear the sound of the river’s water in
    peace; Because we have freedom.
    Happy Indian Navy Day 2019

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