India Makes History With Successful Lunar Landing; Kerala Shares The Pride


India has successfully landed on the lunar surface, marking a historic achievement. Kerala shares this pride as 6 public sector enterprises and over 20 private institutions from the state have actively participated in the Chandrayaan-3 mission. As Chandrayaan-3 becomes the first to land on the lunar south pole, Kerala takes pride in its contribution to this mission. The state’s Industry Minister expressed this sentiment on Facebook, highlighting the involvement of public sector enterprises like Keltron, KEL, KML, SIFL, TCC, and KAL. Products from private companies such as Aeroprecision, BTEL, Cortan, Kannan Industries, Hintalco, Perfect Metal Finishers, Karthik Surface Treatment, Jojo Industries, Vajra Rubber, Anand Technologies, Sivas, Rayen International, Josit Aerospace, and PMS were utilized in the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

As India stands tall on the global stage, Kerala can take pride in its role in this mission. The successful landing is a testament to the scientists and other contributors, and the state joins in the nation’s joy, as expressed by P. Rajeev. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his elation, stating that India has made a historic achievement. “Dreamt on Earth, realized on the Moon. Such historic moments make us proud. This is the dawn of a new India,” said the Prime Minister. He added that even though he was in South Africa, his heart was always with the Chandrayaan mission. “India is now on the Moon. This is a historic moment. A beacon of developed India. I salute the scientists of ISRO,” Modi expressed.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan described Chandrayaan-3’s successful soft landing as a shining chapter in India’s space research history. The achievement of Chandrayaan-3 provides great impetus to India’s scientific and technological research and exploration. Only a society with advanced scientific knowledge can achieve holistic progress, and Chandrayaan-3 is a significant step towards that goal. The Chief Minister extended his congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement.