Income without film; Making theaters pay and park centers

Theaters are finding new ways to become pay and park centers to generate revenue in the absence of cinema. The Mata-Madhurya Theater Complex in the heart of Aluva has already started functioning as a pay and park center.

Matha Madhurya Theater

The theater, which was renovated at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore, has been closed since last March. Kovid became a villain just four months after the theater reopened after the renovation. Even if there is no movie, you have to operate the equipment inside the theater from time to time, otherwise, valuable equipment will be damaged. Employees should be paid half the salary and a fixed rate of around Rs 90,000 per month for electricity. In addition, the loan arrears in the bank. Such an arrangement is supposed to be obtained with this.

Matha Madhurya Theater Photo

The charge is Rs 30 for four-wheelers, Rs 20 for three-wheelers, and Rs 10 for two-wheelers.

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