In this Pandemic, know why Myopia is seen in kids!!


Studies and researches done by the scientist tells us that, usage of mobiles and computers by the kids are increasing the cases of Myopia. Myopia is a condition in which objects at a certain distance appear blurry, and excessive use of computers screen or straining one’s eyes for too long can be the leading causes.

Managing with work schedules and several household chores to tackle, many parents calm their toddlers down by making them sit with a cartoon or a fun educational video on a phone or laptop. However, that may not be the best way to keep kids occupied, according to experts and researches. A recent study conducted by a private hospital revealed that there had been a 25 per cent rise in cases of myopia among children in the last two years. The study further stated that those kids who spend too much time online have a five times higher risk of developing myopia.It has also revealed that myopia has increased by 100 per cent on an annual basis. The study was conducted in association with the campaign named ‘Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month’, observed every year during August.  Myopia is a condition in which objects at a certain distance appear blurry, and can be caused by excessive use of computers or straining one’s eyes for too long. Furthermore, the amount of time one spends indoors vis-a-vis outdoors is also a determining factor in myopia development. One of the main causes of this condition is prolonged exposure to activities such as reading and writing when the distance between the eyes and the object of our vision is less than 33 cms.Myopia 2

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, it has become a common practice among children to gaze at the screens of computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets for educational and other purposes and that too often for a long time without a break. “Such kind of exposure to digital devices can have a terrible impact on children’s vision. Moreover, digital devices that emit light also cause other problems, apart from myopia, like dry eyes and inability to see the light.

How To Protect Children’s Eyes?

  • Mobile phones or laptops should be viewed with frequent breaks. For instance, if a child spends hours in front of a computer screen or mobile phone, he/she is more likely to develop eye-related problems and injuries than a child who takes frequent breaks while performing the same function.
  • As online classes have become part of life, if possible, parents should encourage children to use laptops or computers instead of mobile phones. This is because the distance between the eyes from these digital devices is more larger than the mobile phone screen.
  • Children should also play for 1 to 2 hours in the sunlight outside the home every day. However it is important to wear masks and take the necessary precaution, it will only do them good.
  • A healthy and balanced diet also promotes the overall development of children.