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In this Lockdown period, he making tasty food for me, Suchitra open about Mohanlal!

Mohanlal is the pride of Malayalees. The superstar who has made numerous hits in Malayalam cinema. The entertainer’s distinction has earned him notoriety in this country. Most of the on-screen characters in the cast are stating that in the event that the executives are in real life for the shoot, at that point Lalithan will be going about as the character. Mohanlal is a good example of Malayalees in their family life too. Mohanlal is one of the Malayalam couples who leads a model marriage. The on-screen character’s significant other Suchitra has uncovered about the on-screen character.

Suchitra Mohanlal Biography
Suchitra Mohanlal Biography

Mohanlal is a very good man at home. The beloved father of the children and the paternal son of the mother. He is always careful not to let fame and busyness interfere with family relationships. In the early days of his marriage, I had never time to talk to him. Even in those times, it was very busy. I often went to bed waiting for him to make his favorite meal. He was unable to return at the time. But he has been spending time with us for these two months. He made meals that day and I waited and fell asleep, but it was he who prepared me for these two months. He is often seen on YouTube watching his cooking. Now I am happy to have got my father.

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