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In Nirbhaya Case, What happened that night of fearlessness?

This country has never forgotten the fearless event. Arzu already remembers the horror that took place in the country’s capital late-night … December 16, 2012 – Passed at 12 midnight. A 24-year-old student of a medical school in the country’s capital, Delhi, boarded a bus with his friend. It is on the bus that the brutal act against the young woman. Human beings have been subjected to sexual assault on Nirbhaya. Six of them were abused. Most monster monsters raped young women. On a cold night, she was thrown naked out of the moving bus. She and his friend were also attacked and thrown into the road.

They were immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors were also struck by the condition of detention. Her intestines were severely damaged. Her internal organs were brutally attacked. Repeated intubation. in the genital area ruptured the entire intestine of the victim. With this, Nirbhaya has also moved to Singapore for better treatment. Even there her condition did not improve. On December 29, a gangrape student was killed.

Having fought with the demons proved to be a small family. The horrific event in the nation’s capital shocked the world. People all over the country took to the roads. Large-scale dharnas have raised concerns against the Nirbhaya convicts. The event of the day is still circulating. The whole country was mourning the injustice done to her. They demanded that the accused be punished. The then UPA government promptly introduced a no-confidence law. The convicts have been sentenced to death.
One of the six in this case, however, was a minor boy. The main accused, Ramsingh, committed suicide in Tihar Jail on March 11, 2013, while the case was under investigation. The court sentenced the four accused to death. The rest of the minor was sentenced to three years in prison, and it was over. But seven years later the accused were not sentenced. Direction rape incident in Shadnagar, Nirbhaya accused hanged once again with the accused encounter. The court, which has speeded up the trial, has ordered the accused to be hanged at 5:30 am on March 20. The culprits were executed Friday after 8 years of fearlessness.


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