Important things you need to know about domains, before buying your first domain name

Just to get in the right frame of mind, let’s think of the internet at an entirely new planet Earth. Then, think of the domain extensions (like .com,.org, .net, .edu) as countries, and the individual domain names (like or as pieces of property within those countries. Then, as your domain registrar, iwantmyname is like a big real estate agency, able to sell you a piece of property in a ton of countries on the planet.

To recap:

  • The internet is a huge planet
  • Domain extensions are countries
  • Individual domain names are the property
  • Domain registrars are your real estate agents
  • As the writer of this, I’m your content guide to internet real estate

Points to be checked before buying a domain name.

  1. The domain must be in your own email address / or in your name.
  2. Check the history of the registrar, not just the price.
  3. If you want to grow business use country domain. (Eg for India – .in )
  4. While selecting a domain must choose a country domain and also words related to your business than can help in more visibility.