I’m going out of the serial; I do not know what to do anymore !! Actress Meera Krishna’s reveals


Serial actors are always in the minds of family audiences. The audience has an invisible intimacy with the character they play. Actress Meera Krishnan has announced that she is leaving her serial.

The actress says that she will not be seen in the Tamil serial Nayagi, which she is currently starring in. The actress says the story changes and the character’s role is withdrawn from the line-up.

meera krishna

Now I don’t know what to say. This journey really seems like a dream. Unexpectedly I was called to act in the serial. When Nayagi was with the team, he did not even feel away from home.

Thank you so much to the whole team and the people who have supported me so far. Special thanks to the artists who acted with me, Ambika Mom, our cameraman, post production people, my dubbing artist Chitra Mom, our entire staff, especially my producer and sponsor and so on.