I’m generally like that! I fell asleep without hearing the story of the film ‘Vellimoonga’ , Aju varghese

Subhish Sudhi and Aju Varghese are playing the main characters in the film Oru Bharatha Sarkar Utlpannam, now Aju Varghese is opening up about his experience when Subhish came to narrate the film, he is a person who doesn’t like to listen to the story of movies, that’s generally my nature, Aju says that if I sit down to listen to the story of the movie, I fall asleep.

But Subishetan forced me to listen to the story, if I listen to the story I will fall asleep, like this I went to sleep earlier to listen to the story of Vellimoonga movie, so I can say that I did not listen to the story of Vellimoonga. Subishettan said you can come and listen to the story, don’t sleep, this is your responsibility and mine, so I was ready to listen to the story of the movie because of the annoyance, really Churakk0 Subishettan is a person I have a good relationship with, after listening to the story he told, I liked my character very much, says Aju Varghese.