If you want to avoid corona virus, then eat spinach daily, immunity will be boosted


Corona virus takes the weakest immunity to its first. That is why doctors are advising to keep the immunity system strong to avoid corona. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also appealed to the people to strengthen the immunity system, he said that this virus soon catches the weak body, so take nutritious basis. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of eating spinach.

Doctors say that spinach is an excellent source of iron. That is why people of all ages should consume it. A serving of this green leafy vegetable is almost vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K. Similarly, spinach contains calcium, iron and beta-carotenoids. Doctors say spinach is a low-calorie food, which can also be eaten in order to lose weight. Spinach intake is very high during the summer season as it is easily digested.

Eat spinach daily immunity will be boosted
Eat spinach daily immunity will be boosted

Benefits of eating spinach

It is very easy to include this healthy and green leafy vegetable in the diet. Because, it is available in the market at a cheap price. Spinach, which is a good source of vitamin A, not only increases eyesight. Rather, it also makes the immune system strong. Immunity is increased by consuming spinach daily.

Spinach helps in making the muscles. It is rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals. In this, folate, iron and lutein are found. Spinach contains plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Also they contain phytonutrients. These natural chemicals are anti-inflammatory elements, which protect the body from diseases, bacteria and germs. Spinach also contains vitamin C and potassium, which are natural immunity boosters. In this way eating spinach strengthens the immune system. Feed these things made from spinach to children