If you have forgotten the password of the smartphone, then follow these special tricks to unlock

unlock password

In today’s date, it would not be wrong to say that there is no better friend or partner than a smartphone. Because nowadays people are spending more and more time on the phone. Phone is such a thing that has gone where most of the secrets of a person are hidden. And to protect these secrets from others, people keep changing the password of their phone again and again. So that even if anyone ever saw them entering the password, they could never unlock their phone (Phone Unlock Tips). But there is a problem in changing the password bar of the phone when we enter the password or pattern in the phone itself (If forget password & Forget Pattern). In such a situation, if you go to any mobile shop or store, then they start extorting big money from you by taking advantage of your trouble. But we are telling you about such a way to unlock Android phone, after knowing that you can unlock your phone without asking and without spending money. So let’s know this special trick:  

To unlock your Android phone through this process, you must already have the “Find my device” option enabled on your phone. Note that unlocking the phone in this way will delete all the data on your phone.

Step1: On your computer, go to Google’s Find My Device website.
Step2: Click on “ERASE DEVICE”.

On the left side of your computer screen, you will see the data deletion process. Once all your data is deleted your phone will boot into recovery mode and factory reset will begin. Please note that once the process is started, the process cannot be stopped. The screen lock will be removed after the whole process is completed.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Google Account
Step1: Enter wrong pattern or PIN up to five times.
Step2: After that click on “Forgot pattern”.

Step3: Now enter your Google Account ID and Password and click on “Sign In”.
Step4: After this you will be able to set your new unlock pattern.

Unlock Android Phone With IMOBIE DROIDKIT
If you are not a technically proficient person or if the above 2 methods don’t work for you then iMobie’s DroidKit might be the best solution for you. So let us tell you how you can unlock your phone through this process. Take for example how easy it is to unlock a Samsung phone.

Step1: After done, open DroidKit, and then connect your Android device to computer with USB cable. On the top right corner of the front page, select the Unlock Screen option.

Step2: Tap on “Start” button.

Step3: After that click on “Remove Now”.

Step4: Select your phone brand and continue.

Step5: Now follow the on-screen instruction you see and after few minutes your screen lock will be removed. Your Android phone will restart and then you can now access your phone.